Women's Auxiliary

Sis. Madlyne Dansby, President


"Strengthening Churches and
Advancing the Kingdom
through Partnership"

Hebrews 10:24-25
The Metropolitan District Women's Auxiliary is primarily responsible for organized women's work through the churches.


Women's Auxiliary's Theme: Impacting Lives through Mission, Education and Evangelism


Scriptures: Psalm 119:33-34; II Timothy 2:15; II Timothy 4:5 
Theme Song: "We've Come This Far by Faith'



Download the Young People's Registration Form
for the Second Half of Young People's Session Here

2020-2021 Officers

Sister Madlyne Dansby, President

Sister Georgia Tolbert, 1st Vice President

Sister Katherine Brewer, 2nd Vice President

Sister Cheryl Bragg, 3rd Vice President

Sister Elizabeth Jones, 4th Vice President

Sister Patricia Suber, Recording Secretary

Sister Cynthia Samuel-Baker, Assistant Recording Secretary

Sister Annette Lee, Corresponding Secretary

Sister Christyne Moy, Assistant Corresponding Secretary

Sister Dorothy Smith, Treasurer

Sister Cleo Wilkins, Financial Secretary

SIster Adelaide Quinn, Director of Finance

Sister Charlene Jones Mitchell, Historian

Dr. Ernestine Robinson, Assistant Historian

Dr. Martha Jones, Parliamentarian

Sister Dorothy Lard, Assistant Parliamentarian

Reverened Evelyn Preston, Teacher

Deacon Joyce Hutcherson, Assistant Teacher

Sister Bobbie Jordan, Organist

Dr. Lois Telly, Pianist

As of November 19, 2020

2020-2021 Officers - Young People's Department

Sister Theresa Hall, Director

Reverend Eddie Cooper, Co-Director

Reverend Eddie Cooper, Recording Secretary

Sister Jo Ann McGee, Assistant Secretary

Sister Kim Mitchell, Treasurer

Sister Lori Dickerson, Assistant Treasurer

Sister Christine Bowles, Corresponding Secretary

Sister Annette Lee, YPD Program Administrator

Sister Cynthia Baker, Assistant to Director

Sister My'Kila Alix, Advisor

Sister Elizabeth Jones, Advisor

As of November 19, 2020

Welcome to the Metropolitan Missionary District Women's Auxiliaries, we are happy you have chosen to fellowship, worship, work and serve as one with this body of believers in Christ.

The Women's Council was organized March 21, 1921 with the objections to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and advance missionary work, Christian education, and to help encourage in the enlistment of young people in the Christian work locally and in the foreign countries.

In 2009 prison ministry was added.


The Missionary department annual fee is: $150.00 per year, September - July.

You may pay this all at one time or pay some each month until you pay the full amount.

There are five departments that serve under the Women's Auxiliary. They are:
  1. The Young People
  2. The Deaconess
  3. The Nurses
  4. Christian Women United
  5. Business and Professional Women
AGAIN WELCOME! We are glad to have you. We also welcome anything you can do to help this District to be better.
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