Minister's Wives & Widows Alliance

Sis. Annette Peace, President

The Metropolitan District Ministers' Wives and Widows Alliance provides for fellowship among the Ministers' Wives and Widows of the Metropolitan District. The aim of this organization shall be to promote religious, cultural, educational, social, and benevolent relations, and to gain inspiration in the performance of said duties. 

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Message from Sister Annette Peace, President

Greetings Metropolitan Baptist District Ministers Wives and Widows Alliance,

It is with humility, I greet you in name of our Lord and my savior Jesus Christ.  Thank you for this opportunity to walk together in unity and abide in love as we share the good news of Jesus Christ.  It is an honor and privilege for me to serve as your District President of the Metropolitan Baptist District Ministers Wives and Widows Alliance.  It is my prayer that together we strive to do ministry with excellence unto the glory of God.  My sisters, "remember only what we do for Christ will last. What we do for Him will be counted in the end.  Remember only what we do for Christ will last."

Our Theme: Sisters Walking in Unity and Abiding in Love

Scriptures: Ephesian 5:1-2 and Colossians 3-14-17

Colors: White and Red

Alliance Meetings are held every first Friday of each month hosted by a district church.

Meetings are open to all minister's wives and widows in the district. All are welcome.

Ministers' Wives Covenant

By the help of the Almighty God, we will lift high the standard of righteousness at all times. We will fully dedicate our spiritual, mental, and moral powers to the glorification of God and to the edification of the lofty purposes of those who minister to God's ministers.

We will strive under all conditions to be considerate helpmates; to avoid petty annoyances, jealousies, and to radiate inspiration and cheer.

We will pray constantly. We will read God's Word daily for guidance and sustenance in the discharge of the complex responsibilities of a Minister's wife. We will remember also that people are important, all kinds of people, because they are made in the image of God. We will be sympathetic and endeavor to exercise the Golden Rule in our dealings.

In our homes, we will maintain orderliness, beauty, and calm, striving daily to rear children "in the way they should go." We will use every opportunity to relieve God's ministers of undue pressure and inconvenience. We will bear in mind that the Minister is the servant of the people and the private possession of the wife.

We will labor to keep alive a keen sense of humor, a clear conscience, a forgiving heart, and an understanding spirit. We will ever remain on the approachable level, and will avoid showing favoitism to parish members, but will recognize the infinite worth of every individual.

We will hold fast to our Christian conviction while keeping an open mind for those principles, which may life us out of selfish thinking.

We wil rely on God in every circumstance as we cherish the unique position in which He has placed us in the building of His kingdom by the side of His ministers.

By Mrs. Uvee Mdodana-Airboin
President, Baptist Ministers' Wives and
Widows Association of Greater New York 

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