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Metropolitan Missionary Baptist District Parent Body Officers 2022-2023

Executive Board

Pastor Mark A. Gray (Greater Shiloh), Moderator

Pastor Lee C. Winfrey (Partakers), 1st Vice Moderator

Pastor Kenneth Ricks (Prince of Peace), 2nd Vice Moderator

Pastor David M. Yarber (Davison), 3rd Vice Moderator

Deacon Rickey Sears (Twelfth Street), President Layman's Auxiliary

Sister Madlyne Dansby (Macedonia), President Women's Auxiliary

Pastor Floyd A. Davis (Twelfth Street), President Congress of Christian Education

Sister Annette Lee (Partakers), President Minister's Wives and Widows Alliance

Pastor Burnard Byles (Church of Our Father), Chariman of the Board, Carver Camp

Pastor Richard R. White, III (Dexter Ave), Treasurer

Sister Cassandra Ricks (Prince of Peace), Recording Secretary

Reverend Ronald Simpson (Greater Shiloh), Corresponding Secretary


General Parent Body Officers

Pastor Nathan Johnson (Tabernacle), Advisor ot the Moderator/Past Moderator

Pastor Oscar King, III (Northwest Unity), Advisor to the Moderator/Past Moderator

Pastor Louis Forsythe, II (Pleasant Grove), Advisor to the Moderator/Past Vice Moderator

Pastor Ronald Burks (Palestine), Advisor to the Moderator/Past MEDCCE President

Sister Cassandra Ricks (Prince of Peace), Recording Secretary

Reverend Ronald Simpson (Greater Shiloh), Corresponding Secretary

Pastor Richard White, III (Dexter Ave), Treasurer

Pastor Ronald Burks (Palestine), Assistant Treasurer

Sister Louise Carter (Dexter Ave), Financial Secretary

Vacant, Director of Christian Education

Vacant, Assitant Director of Christian Education

Reverend Dr. William E. Mebane (Tabernacle), Auditor

Pastor Kevin Johnson (New Salem), Statistician

Sister Charlene Jones Mitchell (Corinthian), Historian

Reverend Jimmy McBryde (Pleasant Grove), Parliamentarian

Pastor Maurice Jackson (Steadfast), Assistant Parliamentarian

Pastor Patricia Butler (St. Luke Tabernacle), Missionary

Sister Bernice Toles (Unity), Assistant Missionary

Reverend Walker Byrd (Northwest Unity), Assistant Missionary

Sister Allethea Yvette Clark (Prince of Peace), Minister of Music

Reverend Mario Markcus (Christian Fellowship of Love), Worship Leader

Sister Brooxie Fentress (Dexter Ave), Pianist

Pastor Yvette Griffin (Pilgrim (Binder)), Webmaster

Sister Charlene Jones Mitchell (Corinthian), Special Assistant to the Moderator

As of November 18, 2021, updated 1/21/22

District Auxiliaries

Carver Camp Board of Directors

Pastor Burnard Byles (Church of Our Father), Chairman

Sister Brenda Coles (Church of Our Father), Secretary

Sister Annette Lee (Partakers), Assistant Secretary/Activity Registration Planner

Sister Jo Ann Gray (Church of Our Father), Financial Secretary

Trustee Hugh Williams (Unity), Treasurer

Pastor Ronald Burks (Palestine), Treasurer/Advisor

Sister Marcell Robinson (Tabernacle), Historian

Sister Madlyne Dansby (Macedonia), Fund Raising Chairman

Sister Bernice Toles (Unity), Program Chairman

Sister Georgia Tolbert (Palestine), Solicitor/Grant Writer

As of November 18, 2021