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Pastor Floyd Davis, President

"A Christ Centered Congress"


The Metropolitan District Congress of Christian Education is responsible for the promotion of the Christian education through the local churches. 

Message from the President

June 17, 2019

Good Morning my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is time for us to begin thinking about the start of our Metropolitan District Congress of Christian Education (MEDCCE) year, and the wonderful changes that we are going to initiate in the Fall. In the President's Address, which was delivered at the Annual Session in April, I recommeded that we should utilize a different format that would allow us to offer more courses in the same seven month time frame. We ahve collaborated with the Morderator and the Dean and developed the format that will be installed this Fall, as a Pilot Program.

MEDCCE will begin Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 8:45 am at the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Chuirch under the leadership of Pastor Nathan Johnson, who is also our District Moderator. Classes wille nd on that Saturdy at 12:00 noon with no reassembly in the sanctuary. On the next 2nd Saturday, October 12th, we will begin classes at 8:45 am and end classes at 12:00 noon with no reassembly in the sanctuary. On the next 2nd Saturday, November 9th, we will begin classes at 8:45 am and end classes at 12:00 noon with no reassembly in the sanctuary. Thefirst session of MECCE and classes will end on November 9, 2019 and students would receive their Course Cards in November. As you know the Chrsitmas season is filled with activity and family time. Because of the Christmas holidays and individual church schedules, we will not conduct classes durin gthe month of December.

We will begin our second round of MEDCCE courses in January 2020. The dates of these courses willb e as follows: January 11, 2010, February 8, 2020, and March 14, 2020. We will follow the same format as mentioned above, and students would receive their course cards in March. Sometime after that last March set of classes, we will have our April Annual Session. Please be aware, and pass on to your congregations, that this concise schedule DOES NOT allow classes to be missed, nor flagrant tardiness, if the student wishes to obtain a course card.

The Dean and staff of MEDCCE are looking forward to the Fall of this year because these changes will provide the increased education and training that we need to advance the kingdom through partnerships. While these changes are different from what you have been used to, we beleive that it puts less stress on our instructors and staff; less stress on our churches, and less stress on you as delegates to maintain the seven month commitments required to successfully complete a course and receive your course card.

An important part of this new format will be pre-registration. You may pre-register for both the Fall and Winter Sessions at one time. The list of courses is enclosed, and a hard copy of the Adult & children registrations forms. Please make copies of the forms, and we will announce the form drop-off date in August.

Keep our efforts and work in your prayers and we look forward to convening again in the Fall with all of you. May the God of Peace, Grace and Mercy keep your hearts and minds through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit of God.

Fall/Winter Courses (September - November 2019)

Courses available:

  • Phase 1 - 1004 - Effective Bible Reading
    • Deacon Joyce Martin-Hutcherson
    • Text: How to Study and Teach the Bible by Robert M. West
  • Phase 3 - 1089 - Survey of Romans
    • Rev. Dr. Bill Thompson
    • Text: Encountering the Gospel's Power by John Stott
  • Phase 1 - 2011 - Baptist Doctrine
    • Rev. Dr. Kimberly Elyse
    • Text: The Doctrines Baptists Believe by Roy T. Edgemon
  • Instructor Requirement - 2023 - Creative Ways of Teaching
    • Sis. Donna Wilson
    • Text: Creative Bible Teaching by Lawrence O. Richards & Gary J. Bredfeldt
  • 5012 - Becoming an Effective Deacon
    • Rev. Burnard Byles
    • Text: Deacons: Servant Models in the Church by Henry Webb
  • Phase 2 - 7024 - Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
    • Dr. Toni Grant
    • Text: Your Gifts: Discover God's Unique Design for You by Dr. Larry Gilbert
  • Phase 4 - 8066 - Christianity and Contemporary Issures
    • Rev. Valerie Crump
    • Text: The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church (Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series Book 6) by Reggie McNeal
  • 9904 - The Under-Shephed (Pastor) and God's Sheep
    • Rev. Richard Richardson
    • Text: The Sacred Art: Preaching & THeology in the African American Tradition
  • Specialization - SP0010 - Making Christian Education a Lifelog Experience
    • Dr. Priscilla Turner
    • Text: Christian Education: Foundations for the Future by Robert E. Clark, Lin Johnson, and Allyn K. Sloat
  • Specialization - SP0018 - Spiritual Leadership
    • Rev. Dr. Anthony J. King, Sr.
    • Text: Spiritual Leadersihp: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer (Sanders Spiritual Growth Series)
  • WS - Children's Ministry
    • Sis. Stephanie Williams
  • WS - Youth Ministry
    • TBA
  • WS - God's Graffiti - Read Mine (Ages 15-17)
    • Deacon Eddie Davis
    • Text:  God's Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens by Romel J. Tune
  • WS - Youth Liturgical Dance (Ages 11-17)
    • Sis. Charnese Davis
    • Text:  Dancing into the Anointing by Aimee Kovacs
  • WS - District Choir (All Ages)
    • Rev. Mario Marcus

Spring Courses (January 2020 - March 2020)

Courses available:

  • Phase 1 - 1007 - Introduction to the Old Testament
    • Rev. Beverly McCutcheon
    • Text: Survey of the Old Testament by Paul N. Benware
  • 1094 - Survey of Ephesians
    • Rev. Manuel Peace
    • Text: Be Rich: Gaining the THings That Money Can't Buy (Ephesians) by Warren W. Wiersbe
  • Instructor Recertification - 2097 - Rethinking Christian Education 
    • Rev. Dr. Nathan Johnson
    • Text: Teaching the Faith, Forming the Faithful: A Biblical Vision for Education in the Church by Parrett and Kang
  • Phase 2 - 3008 - Theology & the History of Christianity
    • Dr. Willie White
    • Text: Story of the Christian Church by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
  • 4005 - Doctrine of Salvation
    • Rev. Ronald C. Burks
    • Text: Great Doctrines of the Bible 2017 Version by William Evans
  • Phase 3 - 7010 - Introduction to Discipleship
    • Rev. Richard R. White, III
    • Text: Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer (Sanders Spiritual Growth Series)
  • Phase 2 - 9004 - Writing Techniques I 
    • Sis. Shelia Samuels
    • Text: The Elements of Style (Classic Edition - 2019) by William Strunk Jr. & Richard De A'Morelli
  • Minister's Division - 9910 - Church and Clergy Conflict
    • Rev. Richard Richardson
    • Text: Leading Your African American Church Thru Pastoral Transition by Dr. Ralph Watkins
  • Specialization - SP0011 - Missions and Christian Education
    • Dr. Priscilla Turner
    • Text: Guide for Implementing Mission Ministries in the Local Church by Samuel W. Hale, Jr.
  • Specialization - SP0019 - Overcoming Leadership Distress
    • Rev. Dr. Anthony J. King, Sr.
    • Text: The Healthy Pastor by Bickers
  • WS - Children's Ministry
    • Sis. Stephanie Williams
  • WS - Youth Ministry
    • TBA
  • WS - Teenager - Living in a Grown Up World (Ages 15-17)
    • Deacon Eddie Davis
    • Text:  This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years by Jaquelle Crown
  • WS - Youth Liturgical Dance (Ages 11-17)
    • Sis. Charnese Davis
    • Text:  Dancing into the Anointing by Aimee Kovacs
  • WS - District Choir (All Ages)
    • Rev. Mario Marcus

Scanned registration forms can be emailed to:, or mailed to: PO Box 40206, Redford, MI 48240-0206. Please register your Youth/Children, as well.



Individual Registrations

To our Students who are not members of a Metropolitan Missionary Baptist District Association Church, we invite you to participate in our class sessions, however, please make a donation of $25.00 to support the District.  Please take your individual donations to the Finance Office.  Thank you for your faithfulness. 


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Metropolitan District Congress of Christian Education (MEDCCE) registered churches attend at no additional cost. If your Church is not registered with MEDCCE, the donation is $25 per student, which will be collected before class begins. Checks should be made payable to MEDCCE.

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