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District Announcements

Hurricane Harvey Relief: Helping Our Brothers and Sisters in Texas

Click here to read our first response to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts.


August 29, 2017


Helping Our Brothers and Sisters in Texas

As we are all aware of the severe storm that has devastated much of the Houston/Corpus Christi area of Texas, we must continue to pray and make preparation to send donations to help give relief to those who were victimized by Hurricane Harvey.


Please wait until all sources receiving donations are properly set up and vetted. I have been in conversations with Pastors in the area. They are not in position at this time to receive donations due to the ongoing storm in the area.


As soon as they can give an accurate assessment of their need they will communicate how we as churches can be of assistance. In the meantime, let us continue to pray for the people of Texas. Let us start preparing to respond when the request is made. We hope to respond to churches in order that they may be able to assist those who are a part of their communities and especially those who may slip through the cracks of the larger agencies that are responding.


Thank you for your sincere concern and I know what will be your generous response when we call for donation.



Moderator Nathan Johnson


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