Nathan Johnson, D.D.

Metropolitan Missionary Baptist District Parent Body Officers 2020-2021

Executive Board

Nathan Johnson, D.D.

Effective September 1, 2004, Pastor Nathan Johnson, the former Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, accepted the call as Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan. Pastor Nathan Johnson's musical gift and passion for worship with music inspired him to reorganize the Music Ministry of the church. He has inspired the congregation to engage in higher levels of praise and Worship during the Sanctuary Celebration.

Pastor Johnson's service in ministry exceeds twenty-nine years. He served as Christian Education Director at Cathedral Faith Baptist Church in Dallas, Pastor Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Cedar Lane, Texas from 1986-1988, and Pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church in Galveston from 1988-1991, and Antioch Baptist Church in Houston, Texas from 1991 until 2004. He is a man of excellence endowed with a vision and empowered to tell God's Message.  Pastor Johnson challenges his members to be steadfast and serious about the work of the kingdom.

Pastor Johnson's work and wisdom extend beyond the walls of the church. He is a Lecturer for the National Baptist Convention Congress of Christian Education, and a Facilitator and Instructor for the Christian Educator's Conference. Pastor Johnson serves as first-vice president of the Wolverine State Congress of Christian Education.  He serves on the Mayoral Clergy Roundtable for Detroit, Michigan and as a member of the Moody Theological Seminary advisory board.  He is also in demand and receives many requests to preach nationwide at church revivals and to speak at numerous conferences and civic functions. Through the proclamation of the Word, Pastor Johnson helps others to examine their lives and to strive to live by God's Word. He has brought new souls to Christ and has helped others to recommit their lives to God.

Serious and sincere, calm and compassionate, prayerful and persistent, tough and tender, unique and unifying, insightful and inspiring are all terms that may be used to describe Pastor Nathan Johnson. More than anything else, Pastor Johnson is a preacher of an uncompromising gospel. He gladly shares the "Good News," that Christ is alive and the Lord and Savior of all.

Pastor Johnson's new leadership has pioneered several new ministries and strengthened existing ministries within the church. Soon after his arrival, Pastor Johnson formed the Commission on Ministries to study and examine key ministries of the church.  The commission was charged to make recommendations to the Pastor for the purpose of under-girding, enhancing, restructuring, or creating a model of ministry on the "cutting edge" at Tabernacle.

As a result of the Commission on Ministries, the Writers Ministry was birthed to under-gird our church growth through the development of a bible study curriculum and monthly study lessons for the Deacon groups.  This concept also has the purpose of actualizing our church mission through print media.

Through the implementation of a Family Spirituality Week focused on "Doing Family God's Way," the importance of the family as the foundation of a strong Christian community is emphasized. This event is held in February as part of Black History month.

Additional programs designed by Pastor Johnson to strengthen Tabernacle's biblical foundation, include:

  • Super Saturday - held every fourth Saturday for the women and girls and men and boys. It became a special day for study, discipleship, and mentoring.
  • Camp TAB - a developmental summer program for our youth.  This two week camp is aimed to strengthen the students' academic, social skills, and spiritual development.
  • The Comfort and Care Ministry - (initiated in the fall of 2008) assists those experiencing a loss of any kind.

Pastor Nathan Johnson's journey forward heralds and proclaims the uncompromising Word of God and teaches the truth of the gospel through deep study and meditation. His ministry is further exemplified in the work of "Claiming our Jerusalem," an Evangelistic outreach, spearheaded by Rev. Miller Adams. It fulfills the great commission by saving souls and making disciples. (Matthew 28: 18-20)  His goal is to consolidate the gifts of the skilled professions and layman in the congregation in order to administer services to the church, surrounding community and City of Detroit.

General Parent Body Officers

Reverend Dr. Oscar King, III, Advisor to the Moderator/Past Moderator

Revered Dr. Louis Forsythe, II, Advisor to the Moderator/Past Vice Moderator

Reverend Ronald Burks, Advisor to the Moderator/Past MEDCCE President

Sister Tara Hamilton, Recording Secretary

Sister Katherine Brewer, Assistant Recording Secretary

Reverend Debra Carter, Corresponding Secretary

Reverend Dr. Kimberly Elyse, Assistant Corresponding Secretary

Reverend Richard White, III, Treasurer

Reverend Ronald Burks, Assistant Treasurer

Sister Louise Carter, Financial Secretary

Reverend Dr. Flloyd A. Davis, Director of Christian Education

Reverend Eddie Sain, III, Assitant Director of Christian Education

Reverend Dr. William E. Mebane, Auditor

Reverend Dr. Kevin Johnson, Statistician

Vacant, Worship Leader

Vacant, Assiatant Worship Leader

Sister Charlene Jones Mitchell, Historian

Reverend Jimmy McBryde, Parliamentarian

Reverend Maurice Jackson, Assistant Parliamentarian

Reverend Dr. Patricia Butler, Missionary

Sister Bernice Toles, Assistant Missionary

Reverend Walker Byrd, Assistant Missionary

Vacant, Minister of Music

Sister Bobbie Jordan, Organist

Sister Brooxie Fentress, Pianist

Reverend Dr. Yvette Griffin, Webmaster

Reverend Dr. Kimberly Elyse, Website Content Manager

Reverend John J. Davis, Special Assistant to the Moderator

As of November 19, 2020

District Auxiliaries

Carver Camp Board of Directors

Reverend Burnard Byles, Chairman

Sister Brenda Coles, Secretary

Sister Annette Lee, Assistant Secretary/Activity Registration Planner

Sister Jo Ann Gray, Financial Secretary

Trustee Hugh Williams, Treasurer

Reverend Ronald Burks, Advisor

Sister Marcell Robinson, Historian

Sister Madlyne Dansby, Fund Raising Chairman

Sister Bernice Toles, Program Chairman

Sister Georgia Tolbert, Solicitor/Grant Writer

As of November 19, 2020

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